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‘Mevagissey Bay’, includes many of the most popular tracks from our current repertoire. The title track, ‘Mevagissey Bay’, was composed by one of our Choir founders, Geoff Pollard.


To listen to samples of the tracks click here


The tracks are:

No Arms Can Ever Hold You

Deus Salutis

   (Organist: Brain Mitchell)                               

Away From the Roll of the Sea

You Raise Me Up

   (Soloist: David Hunkin)                        

Yellow Bird

At Last

I Really Don’t Want to Know 

   (Quartet: Meva Capella)   

Blue Moon


   (Guitar Solo: Graham Hoskins)

Mevagissey Bay                          

   (Soloist: Paul Pearce)

Cornish Hearts

Whispering Hope                         

   (Soloist: Alison Harvey)

Ave Maria


Bohemian Rhapsody                  

   (Guitar Solo: Graham Hoskins)

Mevagissey Bay

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