Key moments

1974      First practice at Percy Mitchell’s Boatyard

1975      Brian Mitchell joins as accompanist; First concert, at UR Church (now St Andrew’s), Mevagissey; Harold Miller arrives MD

1980      100th concert at Indian Queens; first recording published; first overseas tour, to Gibraltar

1981      Win first competition with ‘Song of Cornwall’

1983      2nd recording; Holland & Germany tour

1984      10th Anniversary Concert at UR Church, Mevagissey

1985      Royal Albert Hall – Kernow sings

1986      2nd Germany tour

1987      Pele, Parliament Sq.

1998      Royal Albert Hall / Westminster Abbey

1989      3rd recording

1990      Canada tour

1992      3rd Germany tour/Harold Miller leaves/4th recording

1994      Meva Cappella formed / Royal Albert Hall / Westminster Abbey

1995      5th recording/Graham Willcocks appointed

1996      USA tour

1998      Dordogne visit

2000      6th recording / Ireland tour, Royal Albert Hall

2003      7th recording

2004      Madeira tour

2007      ‘The World’ concert

2008      Songs of Praise at Truro Cathedral with Hayley Westenra

2009      8th recording

2012      Minack concert

2013      9th recording (Mevagissey Bay) / 1st concert with Mil Wives

2014      40th Anniversary concert, Eden / Minack with Mil Wives

2015      1,000th concert

2016      Minack With Culdrose MWC / HfC with Plymouth MWC / Cyprus tour