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Members payments

The membership subscription for the current year is £90 and is due on 2nd January and by 31st March at the latest. You can pay this, and any other Choir obligations, by cash, cheque or electronic banking.

If you prefer, you can pay your subscription monthly by completing a Bank Standing Order made out to Mevagissey Male Choir. You will need to make ten monthly payments of £9 each, the first of which must be received by the Treasurer by the end of January. To set this up, you will need the Choir’s sort code and account number, which you will find below. It is important that you advise the Treasurer as soon as you have set up your Standing Order.

Our Choir’s financial year runs from November to October, so your final payment must be received by October 2018.

Your standing order can be left to run on into next year. The amount can be amended in the event of a future change in the subscription rate.


Bank Details for BACS payments        Sort code:  20  74  20       Account number: 7071  7940

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